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Are your login credentials still safe?


Find out if your passwords are compromised

Every once in a while, a database with hundreds of millions of stolen login details pops up on the internet. This database is then offered for sale on the dark web, or can be downloaded via torrents. In this this article you will find out how to verify if your login details are still safe.

Have I Been Pwned keeps track of what credentials have been compromized. This is done by adding the database that is distributed on the internet to their own database. By entering your e-mail address you’ll be able to quickly check whether the database contains any of your data. If so, others might possibly have access to your accounts.

If it turns out that your email address is on a list of stolen login details, it is wise to change your passwords quickly. Do you use the same same password for multiple accounts? Change the passwords for all of these accounts. The databases with compromized login data are often used to feed bots with potential login credentials for certain platforms and automatically entered here until one works and actually logs in to the account. At this moment it notifies the person running the bot that certain login credentials gave access. Because of this it is wise to always use a different password for each account. In case one combination of email and passwords is leaked, this won’t mean somebody has access to all your accounts on the internet.

Controleren of mijn inloggegevens nog veilig zijn
Website of Haveibeenpowned

Chrome browser automatically checks whether your login details are on the internet

Chrome browser will now automatically check for comprimised passwords in a data breach at the moment you are using them online for logging in somewhere.

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