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Easily shoot photos like a pro with this trick


If you happen to be the owner of a professional DSLR camera you might be familiar with the struggle to find the perfect settings for each and every situation. Finding the right settings for those perfect holiday, wedding or family picture often is complicated and hard for the inexperienced user. The AUTO setting comes in handy here as it adjusts to the environment automatically but this doesn’t always bring the best possible results. In this short article you’ll find out how you can use the perfect manual settings for each and every situation quick and easy!

Cheatcards make your life easier

Your camera is able to deliver stunning images when used in the right way. To unlock all the features that came with your camera a certain degree of knowledge is needed. What if you could just use a cheatsheet for your specific brand and type of camera containing all this knowledge? Moose’s cheat cards are exactly that! By clicking the menu in the upper right corner you can chose your camera type and brand. Here you can find cheatcards for many Canon and Nikon DSLR cameras containing the perfect settings for indoor, outdoor, concerts, landscape or people photography.

For only $10 this is a steal as it greatly increases your image quality over a longer period of time. Print the cheatcards and include them in your camerabag to get the most out of your camera.

Difference between auto and manual settings. Source: https://www.cameratips.com/

Photography as sidehustle

Now that you have the optimum settings for each situation you can create professional photo’s in the blink of an eye. Because your pictures are of higher quality you can offer your services to people and get paid for it. Of course you need to practice what works and what not, but by using cheat cards professional photography becomes a whole lot more accessible for many!

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