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AI: Instantly create high quality copy without having a talent for writing


AI: Your Personal Money Maker

If you’re like most people, the words flow out of your mind in a steady stream, but on paper they look more like drips than rivers. With the use of AI, this now belongs to the past. Just like these people, you’ll be absolutely amazed at how good Artificial Intelligence can write compelling, and high converting copy for you. You can even change the tone of voice!

Who is this for?

AI is revolutionizing the world of copywriting and it’s useful for anybody who often needs to write creative, compelling or high converting content. This includes creatives like bloggers and Youtube script writers as well as advertisers who need conversion focused webcopy for their clients’ branding efforts. This article was also written in part by AI.

What are the benefits?

AI copywriting is the future of marketing. Put simply, AI has mastered writing catchy headlines and automated content – leaving you with more time to focus on bettering your business strategy. It helps small businesses grow by allowing them more time and resources that they can use on other tasks such as marketing or developing new projects, instead of dealing with tedious writing tasks themselves.

  • No more writer’s block
  • Publish better content faster
  • Scale and take on more work
  • Improve your copy’s conversion rate
  • Improve existing content quick and easy
  • TIP: Offer copywriting services on Fiverr and let AI write it for you
Let AI write a blog post easily

This video made me think: I want this

Little introduction about me first so get a better understanding of where I come from. I’m Jeoffrey, 36 and living in the tiny Netherlands. Mid 2020 I decided I wanted to do something different than SEO and WordPress websites that I did for a long time.

Growing a Youtube channel by creating content I know a lot about seemed like a great new challenge for me. However, soon enough I found out that my limited vocabulary was causing significant delays in writing video scripts. Additionally, this also resulted in unnecessarily complex sentences.

So, I needed to find a way of writing my videoscripts faster and with a better vocabulary. While searching for a solution, I found this video about ShortlyAI which at the time was a competitor of Jarvis, but has since been acquired by Jarvis, which this blog post is about.

Everything you see in this video below can be done in Jarvis as well, but Jarvis offers a lot more than what you see ShortlyAI doing here, making it the more logical choice.

This will give you a general idea of what AI copywriting can do for you

What’s all included in Jarvis?

Opposed to the more limited ShortlyAI, Jarvis offers many templates for you to use. Based on my personal experience, it works best to use multiple copywriting skills (templates) together into one story. Let it come up some titles, an outline, intro, outro and work your way to a nice and complete story.

Additionally, you can have Jarvis output copy based on your predefined tone of voice. Choose professional, excited, friendly or one of the 9 other listed tones of voice. You can also input people or characters’ names into the tone of voice, and Jarvis will try to match it.

Now you can tell Jarvis not only what to say, but also how to say it using tone of voice!

What people say

First of all, I will never sell anything I don’t fully stand behind. This software is a true gamechanger for me, and I’m sure for many others as well. The reviews I found on the website of Jarvis are expressing the same standpoint I myself currently have after using Jarvis for some time.

Lauren Andrews“A 2 week copy project, finished in 2 days with Jarvis”

Charlotte Chan“Writes better than most of my friends”

Stephen Boardman“A year of organic marketing in about 30 minutes”

Alright, I hear you thinking: Anyone can write this. How do I know if it’s really that good? Check out all the reviews for yourself here

Example: Blog written by AI

Let’s have a look at some examples of how AI can write content for you. This article for example was written by AI for 90% in around 30 minutes. To give you an idea of how the process could look like, here’s an example of what I’ve done earlier this week.

  1. Let AI come up with some blog post topic ideas based on some input
  2. Choose one of the 10 generated titles that I liked most
  3. Use the title to let AI write a blog post outline
  4. Use the output bulletpoints as the structure (titles) for a blog
  5. Next, let AI write the paragraphs based on bulletpoints list
  6. Went creative by using the generated content as input for different templates

Example: Product description written by AI

For a client I generated the following content:

My input

Green Box filled with industry leading lithium ion batterycells to provide electricity at festivals and events. Eliminates the use of diesel powered generators. Helps event organisers with building more sustainable events.


Forget diesel: Electric power for festivals. Music festivals in particular need electricity to run their sound systems, lighting rigs, and rain monitoring equipment. Conventional means of providing this service usually involve a gas-powered generator. But as renewable energy solutions mature, they are increasingly competitive with fossil fuels and far more sustainable, efficient and desirable options than the standard generator setup. Do what’s right for your event by going green with <company name>!

It’s awesome that I can now produce up to 3 blog posts per day (1,000 words/post). My weekly quota is done in a single day!

Christine Dumaguin

Answering your questions

Q: What is AI copywriting?

A: AI copywriting is a new form of content marketing that uses artificial intelligence to produce high-quality, human-grade content. It has been proven to help marketers increase ROI by 20% and generate 50% more leads than any other marketing strategy.

Q: Will AI copy pass plagiarism tests?

A: Yes, the AI generated copy passes all plagiarism tests on the internet and no duplicate copy will be generated.

Q: How readable is AI generated content?

A: If you wouldn’t know it was written by AI, you’d think it was written by a human. Any errors in this article are made by me because I’m not a native English speaker.


The future of marketing is here and it’s AI-powered. We know, we can see you shaking your head in disbelief but don’t worry, because soon enough the skeptics will be converted to believers, just like us.

AI copywriters are the future of marketing. They produce more engaging content than humans, resulting in higher conversion ratios and people more likely to stay longer on your pages as they read your content. Additionally, AI Copywriting will end up being a big cost saver, as you will need less less people to generate more content.

Got excited?! Sign up for a free trial now and receive 10.000 words for free! Wishing you all the best with your future business!

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