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These 5 tips make you do more in less time


Are you familiar with the feeling of being uninspired? Do you have a to do list but all your tasks seem to be too much effort? You don’t know where to begin and you’re looking for other things to do to avoid getting started with actual work? I certainly do and below measures helped me being a lot more productive.

1. Listen to new music

Listening to new music makes does something with the brain. Music is of course very personal, but obviously I can only share with you my personal experience here. Recently I’ve discovered a Youtube channel with great background music. Especially the coding music really triggered me to be productive and motivated. What works well for me is to put the time marker in an area where the best tracks are before going to sleep. By pressing ‘play’ the next morning you immediately launch yourself in a good vibe for the day!

2. Scheduling social media posts

Doing lots of things simultaneously gives room for error and decreases the total output of work being done by the end of the day. It is for this reason that scheduling your social media posts for the entire week at once works best. This results in you not having to think about posts, topics, content and more while doing other ‘potentially more important’ work. By using this tool you can create awesome content and directly schedule everything for your social channel with the new integrated content planner!

3. Maximum amount of open tabs

Previously I’ve found myself with multiple different browser windows open, each of them containing 10 to 20 tabs open. Everytime I was working on something and in need of opening another tab, I found tabs that were left from other half finished tasks. In turn this created chaos as to what I should do with all these tabs. Close them, bookmark them, mail them to myself or just switching to another task before the first one was completed. Avoid this kind of ‘avoidable’ chaos. Limit the amount of open tabs, finish what you were working on and proceed to the next task.

4. Make use of paid software

Probably not suited for every situation, but based on experience paid software works a lot better than free software. Developers need to be paid and by using free software the way the developer makes money is questionable (open source excluded). Instead of searching for free stuff endlessly and ending up with something that doesn’t really work the way you want it anyway, just look for a cheap paid version. A free Youtube video downloader doesn’t sound very attractive to me. This video downloader however only costs a few $ and based on personal experience, downloads video content from the most popular platforms with ease, even in 4K.

5. Disable notifications on desktop and mobile

This one doesn’t really come like a surprise for many, but to stay focused on your tasks it is advised to put your phone away during work. Another room works best so you don’t get tempted by it when in eyesight. Next one is to close applications able to show notifications, think of Whatsapp desktop, Telegram desktop, social media browser windows, e-mail software etc. The less possible distractions the more productive your day will be.

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